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Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Name Frame

I'm pretty thrilled with how this project turned out.  You start with the frame of your choice.  We used black because black and white is such a classic color combination; it goes with everything.  This frame is 14" wide and 11" tall.  Originally, I tried to reverse the name and adhere it on the back.  It looks cool but what a nightmare.  Just put it on the front.  It looks great and so much easier to do.  The family name goes on first in the larger black letters.  The first names are on top in script.  I follow convention and put the mother's name, father's name, then children in birth order.  I chose to glue the glass in and remove the backing so the wall color would show through.  You could also put either fabric or black/white family photos behind it.  I think both would look nice.  I am making these for sale; if you are interested inbox me at  

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  1. These frames were a huge hit! The three family recipients (including mine) were thrilled. So classy and so personalized. You are so creative, Sandy. I love it!