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Friday, January 18, 2013

Damask Cards

I made these using Cricut's Damask cartridge.  I am absolutely in love with it. I've also cut a few damask designs in vinyl and the are gorgeous.  You can also cut the envelopes which I did for a couple.  They take a whole piece of card stock so after the first few, I just ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up a package of plain white 4" envelopes.  I figure the card is the most important part.  All of these are cut on shimmery card stock which is absolutely fabulous.  I also did a few in black and white which is stunning in its simplicity.  The only downside to the black is that the inside of the card is black so you'll need a silver or gold pen to write. I'm not even sure that's a downside, the mad-crafter in me kind of digs writing in silver or gold! 

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