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Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Charger

I've made several of these family chargers over the last year or two.  I made this one for a 40th Anniversary gift for friends of ours.  I tend to favor the silver but they are equally as pretty on a gold charger.  Really, I think any color could be beautiful if it goes with your decor.  I used the Copperplate font because for the name because it's bold and all capital letters - the first letter is a regular capital and the rest are small capitals.  The script is Lucida Handwriting.  It cuts nicely and I like that it is easy to read.  I usually give the charger with a plate stand so it can be displayed.  

If you look back to last year, I've also made chargers for Cub Scout events like the Pinewood Derby (  You wouldn't think little boys would like something like that but they were thrilled.

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