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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Teacher Appreciation gifts are done!  It's always a relief to send these to school.  I have two very experienced teachers so I tried to make the gifts practical and cute.  The box is about 6 inches deep so I think it has a lot of function.  On the right are a bottle of hand soap (clear) and a bottle of hand sanitizer (green).  I usually just get these items at the Dollar Tree but for some reason, I just could not get the adhesive off the hand sanitizer bottles.  I tried Goo Gone, finger nail polish remover, soap and water, and rubbing alcohol.  I finally decided that my time must be worth more than hours of scrubbing and went to Wally World and got a different brand.  The label came right off that one.  The bigger font is "Curlz" and the ruler has "Teen".  Our school color and symbol is the green shamrock (leprechauns) so I scored some excellent St. Patrick's Day ribbon on clearance to use.

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