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Thursday, May 17, 2012

30th Birthday Basket

I love Pinterest.  I'd been searching all over the place and found several ideas to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday.  Thank you for all the inspiration!  This is a picture of the basket I created.

It started with the teal wineglasses I had etched below and grew from there.  In the back, is a bottle of wine with a tag that says "When all else fails, drink a glass of wine."  I decided a basket was required to hold it all and I scored this adorable black canvas basket at T@rget with a white floral design. 

In the back is a little pot with 30 lollipops and a tag that says "30 Doesn't Suck."  The front tag with "Give yourself a makeover" is attached to a bag with lip gloss and two finger nail polishes.  The tiara has a tag that says "Play dress up." 

Finally, in the back is a customized candle tagged with "take a bath by candlelight."

I wanted to give a thoughtful, personal gift.  What do you think?

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