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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Etched Redneck Wineglasses

Redneck wine glasses are all the rage right now.  I finally got the courage to make a set. They are fairly easy to make.  You can use the glass candle sticks and Kerr canning jars from the Dollar Tree.  I had some technical difficulty with the adhesive.  Most sites recommend E6000, however, no one had it in stock. The first adhesive I used which was an epoxy didn't work at all.  I had to scrub it off with mineral spirits. I ended up using a Locktite adhesive made for glass repair (like fish tanks) that I got at Lowes.  It actually worked like a dream and was easy to use.  After I let the adhesive cure, I cut an initial in vinyl.  I picked out the letter and left behind the frame.  Be careful putting the vinyl on the glass and get it stuck down completely with no bubbles or wrinkles so you get a nice clean edge to your initial.  Fill in the initial completely with etching cream using a sponge brush.  The sponge will give you much more even coverage than a regular paint brush (much better than the leftover kids paintbrush I tried the first time).  I let the etching medium sit longer than the directions said because I figured it couldn't hurt.  Rinse the glasses with warm water to get the etching medium off.  I also wash them with dish detergent because I like them to sparkle.  I'm saving a variety of sizes of jars to make some apothecary jars next!

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